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How We Toured Turkey in 2 Weeks

How We Toured Turkey in 2 Weeks

How We Toured Turkey in 2 Weeks

Turkey was one of my favourite trips, this country was so amazing to visit.  Considering we planned it last minute, the trip ran very smoothly.  Turkish people are so friendly and helpful and the transportation is very efficient made it easy to get around (though not always the most comfortable!).  I loved the beautiful, busy, chaos of Istanbul, the history of Selcuk, relaxing along the coast in Fathiye, sea kayaking in Kas, mountain biking to the eternal flame in Cirali and hot air ballooning in Goreme…and eating delicious food wherever we went!  This trip had it all and I would love to go back there someday.  To see how we toured Turkey in 2 Weeks, check out the links below.  They link to each day of our trip – what we ate, where we stayed and what we saw.  I highly recommend…everything!  *For more detailed reviews of the hotels we stayed at you can check out my Trip Advisor profile.


Day 1 – Istanbul

Day 2 – Istanbul

Day 3 – Istanbul

Day 4 – Selcuk

Day 5 – Pamukkale

Day 6 – Fathiye

Day 7 – Oludeniz

Day 8 – Kas

Day 9 – Kas & Kekova

Day 10 – Cirali

Day 11 – Olympos & Antalya

Day 12 – Goreme

Day 13 – Goreme

Day 14 – Istanbul

Day 15 – Karakoy

I’m happy that my boyfriend and I picked this country as our first “big” trip together.  We’re an outdoorsy couple who love to eat and explore so Turkey was a perfect destination for us.  If you’re looking for a little bit of history, a big dose of interesting culture, loads of good food, some relaxation along with an amazing adventure, then I highly recommend you visit this amazing country! 

How We Toured Turkey in 2 Weeks.  Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

How We Toured Turkey in 2 Weeks. Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey

If you have any questions about our trip to Turkey, please comment below!

Hello 2016!

2015 was a pretty good year for me.  I moved this blog over to a self hosting site and have diligently blogged once a week ever since.  My boyfriend and I traveled on our first big trip together to Turkey and it was incredible.  We had two amazing camping adventures together during the summer and later in the year relaxed in Mexico while celebrating my best friend getting married.  I watched a lot of fantastic horror movies.  The best horror movie of the year was “It Follows” though technically I saw it at the 2014 TIFF, so I would say my favourite horror movie I saw last year was “The Final Girls”, also at TIFF.  Finally I created and ate lots of delicious dishes, my top Instagram posts below!

Most of all I just feel so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends & family (and two fluffy cats), and that we all made it through another year with good health and happiness.  I try to never take for granted the freedom that I have living in Canada.

So 2016, what will you bring?  I resolve to always be kinder, more positive, more patient and spread love.  I resolve to try to do more good deeds and to take care of those I love.  And of course, I resolve to keep up with my blogging!

Top Instagram Posts 2015

Top Instagram Posts 2015

My top posts of 2015!

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Two Bite Chicken Apple Curry Kale Wraps

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Lamb & Sweet Potato Sheppard’s Pie


30 Minutes Shrimp Fried Quinoa

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