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Maha’s Egyptian Brunch – review

Chef's Appetizer Platter, Maha's Egyptian Brunch

Chef’s Appetizer Platter, Maha’s Egyptian Brunch

Look at this platter.  I mean, just LOOK at the presentation (and drool), do I even need to write a review to convince you to try Maha’s Egyptian Brunch?   Because, yes, this golden platter IS as fresh and tasty as it appears.  The East end of Toronto has really stepped up it’s brunch game in the past few years and Maya’s Egyptian Brunch is part of this movement.  Located on Greenwood just north of Gerrard, this small unassuming bistro opened it’s doors in 2014.  The inside is cozy and welcoming with Egyptian elements and decorated with personal trinkets.  Outside, there is a cute patio and we happened to score a spot on this unseasonably warm day.

The chef’s platter is perfect to share between two people and surprisingly filling!  I would have been content with just the platter but the menu was so enticing, I got greedy and ordered the Po’Boy to split as well.  The platter consists of a few homemade dips: babaghanoug (eggplant), hummus (chick pea), Egyptian beet salad, pickled onions, garlic tomatoes, Roumy (Egyptian) cheese, traditional Balady bread and pita, and the best falafels I have ever tasted.  Nicely spiced and delicately fried, these falafels are light and fluffy and not heavy at all.  Well proportioned with an interesting assortment of fresh flavours, this platter is an ideal way to sample a good selection of their side dishes.

The Po’Boy is an example of authentic Cairo street food, and consists of a pita stuffed with battered, deep fried shrimp topped with homemade tehina (tahini – sesame paste) and tomeya (garlic sauce).  The marinated shrimp are juicy and thinly battered, and the soft pita is a delicious vessel for the creamy, crispy goodness that is every bite.  Indulging in Egyptian street eats is the best way to enjoy the last day of patio weather!

With friendly service, a relaxed vibe and inviting food at reasonable prices, Maha’s is a refreshing addition to the East end brunch scene, and gave me another reason to travel to Egypt!

Pharaoh's Po' Boy, Maha's Egyptian Brunch

Pharaoh’s Po’ Boy, Maha’s Egyptian Brunch