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Niagara Falls

Finishing the Niagara Falls International Falls Marathon was my biggest running accomplishment to date, and I was lucky enough to have a perfect fall day for the run.  The route was beautiful – a nice flat route that started off in Buffalo, went over the Peace Bridge and all along the river to the finish line.  The cool breeze from the river kept me alert and focused while the clear, blue sky and sparkling water brought me peace.  A runner could not ask for better race weather.  I ran my best PR to date – 4hrs 5min and I would run that route again, any day. My husband and I had actually never been to Niagara Falls together, so we had lots of fun checking out the cheesy museums, acting like fools in the Nightmares haunted house and eating terrible, overpriced food.

"Golden Haunt" - Clifton Hill

“Golden Haunt” – Clifton Hill

"Looming Ice"

“Looming Ice”

"King of the World"

“King of the World”

"Cadillac Affair"

“Cadillac Affair”

"Fall Rush"

“Fall Rush”

"A Distant Fall"

“A Distant Fall”

"Cool Down"

“Cool Down”

"Finish Line"

“Finish Line”

"Diamond Ducks"

“Diamond Ducks”