“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Horror movies scare us, disturb us and sometimes leave a lingering impact.  For a little while, we can leave our world behind and disappear to a place where we can exorcise our demons.  This is why films such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Psycho and The Ring made such an impact on their audience – they broke through the comfort barrier and threatened the audience in their own home.  But as time goes by, we all fall back into our little bubble and tend to forget about the real horrors and hardships that are happening around the world.

Below are a list of charities, causes and documentaries that I support by donation or volunteer work.  Please take a moment to check them out.

I believe in supporting the causes in your community first and I try to volunteer somewhere different each year.  I love my city, and to be directly involved in a cause and see the results of your hard work is ultimately the most rewarding.
Toronto Humaine Society
Canada Blood Services
Toronto Distress Centre
Culture Link

One of the ways I like to donate is through running and I try to race at least twice a year.  I run to stay healthy, to achieve personal goals, and it’s a great way to support a cause you believe in. These charities tend to be a bit closer to my heart.
Toronto Marathon – Princess Margaret Hospital
Run For The Cure
Camp Oki
Run For Heroes World Alzheimer’s Day Run
Right To Play

As you can tell, I love food and I always try to remember how lucky I am that I’m able to eat well and share a delicious meal with friends. Eating is one of our basic human needs. Acute malnutrition kills 5 million children each year. If we can help reduce world hunger, we can help prevent many health-related diseases and give people the opportunity to be stronger to conquer larger issues at hand.
Action Against Hunger
The Daily Bread Food Bank

I love my two cats. I rescued them from our local animal shelter and everyday I’m convinced I have the two cutest cats in the world. Animals are so amazing, and so innocent – it really pains me to see the growing list of endangered species and to hear about cruelty to animals.
Toronto Humaine Society
Sharkwater An excellent documentary on the importance of sharks and their endangerment.
Phone Apes Donate your old cell phones to the Toronto Zoo to help in the preservation of critical lowland gorilla rainforest habitat in Africa.
The Cove A shocking documentary on the slaughter of dolphins in Japan.
Blackfish We always knew Seaworld was evil. But this documentary has really made an impact, publicly exposing the shocking truths about orca captivity.

Zombies. Consumerism. George Romero struck a cord with Night of the Living Dead not only because of the awesome zombies and gore, but because it was made at just the right time to comment on the consumerism that was rampant in the 1960’s.
I’m as guilty as the next person who feels like we always need something more – whether it’s the latest technology, the perfect purse or latest hair product. I love kitchen gadgets, makeup, and have a huge DVD and CD collection. But I try to have a conscientious mind. I try to support local artists and products. I do believe Walmart is particularly evil. I used to really hoard junk but am now constantly trying to minimize and buy less, and so these are the links that keep me in check.
Adbusters An excellent magazine on culture jamming.
Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price
The Corporation

Finally, some causes, charities and documentaries that I think are amazing:
Huru International Millions of girls around the world don’t have access to proper sanitation products.  Sponsor a period and help a girl be able to go to school and be healthy and safe.
Tales From The Organ Trade Not only did this documentary change my mind about organ donors, but it’s also one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.
Doctors Without Borders I have such admiration for these doctors…
Toxic Trespass An excellent documentary on children’s health and the environment.
WITNESS Great website that uses film and video to educate about human rights violations.
Food Inc. While I don’t believe going vegetarian is the answer, cutting down on our consumption of meat and fast food is the real point behind this doc.

A little more love and a little less hate everyday…


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