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My first triathlon: REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 2018 Race Report

My first triathlon: REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 2017 Race Report

Ever since I first read about an Ironman, completing a triathlon has been on my bucket list.  As a natural swimmer, leisurely biker and a marathon runner, the idea of combining all three seemed like great fun!  While I wasn’t crazy enough to jump right into a full Ironman, I did register for a half Ironman distance race with only 6 weeks to fully train.  This blog is a doozy but I read a lot of race reports in preparation and found them incredibly helpful.  If you’re about to take on your first triathlon I hope you will find this useful as well.  I highly recommend this race for a 70.3 newbie!  So after completing my first triathlon, I present to you my first race report for the 2017 REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman. 

Before I knew it, race weekend was here.  I felt as ready as I would ever be.  Even though I had crammed in my training, I felt as though I had been training for ages.  For those weeks leading up to race day I had felt an anxious knot in the pit of my stomach but the more I read and the more I trained, the more confident I felt.  Now when I watched the promo video for Barrelman, I felt excited.  I will swim, I will bike and I will run my heart out!

Saturday morning I triple checked all my gear, in case a supernatural phenomenon occurred while I had slept causing everything to disappear from my bag.  We packed up my bike “DO NOT FORGET THE BIKE” and drove out to Welland, near Niagara Falls.  The atmosphere at the race expo was pretty relaxed and it was easy to find parking and pick up my race kit.  A handful of vendors were set up outside and I sampled the F2C electrolyte drink and Endurance Tap maple syrup gels that were going to be offered along the course. 

I dropped off my bike in T1 and checked out the transition area.  My bike spot was close to the exit from the canal, and was happy with my spot as I went over the route.  I would even be able to see my boyfriend during transition.  A wave of relief passed over me as I began to feel more comfortable in my surroundings.

We sat in the first athletic briefing and it was informative and full of positivity.  “We want to make sure everyone will finish so there will be no cut off time for the bike” the race director John Salt stated.  You could feel the sense of community in the air.  The race was a competition no doubt but even a newbie like me felt welcome.  The one thing that everyone was really concerned about though was the heat.  The briefing took 40 minutes and we were roasting in the sun, it felt like the middle of summer!  We were reassured that extra ice and water had been ordered for the run course.

My first triathlon: REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 2018 Race Report

Peeling on the wetsuit in the boiling hot sun

After the briefing, I wandered down to the canal and slithered into my wetsuit – now I was really starting to sweat!  I did my practice swim in the canal and loved the water conditions.  The water was calm and the temperature was heavenly.  Cool enough to beat the heat but I didn’t overheat in my suit. I heard many people say that they were opting out of their wetsuit, but I was excited to wear mine and the suit helped my speed quite a lot.  I didn’t swim for too long however, as I wanted to make sure we had enough time to scout the bike and run courses.

My first triathlon: REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 2018 Race Report

Time for my practice swim!

I gave my tires one last pump, said goodbye to my bike and we headed out for a stunning drive around Niagara.  We drove the whole bike course which was now down to 86 kilometres due to construction.  The roads were nice and flat and I was grateful for all the pretty scenery to admire along my long ride. 

The run course was a bit trickier to navigate through the crowds and traffic on Clifton Hill and we were unable to check out a few kilometres that were hidden away in a park.  I kept reading about how deceptively hilly the run was but I had examined the elevation.  Compared to other marathons I had run this race didn’t seem much steeper.  The route looked fun with a lot of variety.  At the 10km mark the races loops back to the start and then you run the whole route again.  I don’t mind loops because I like knowing what to expect and familiar landmarks make the time go by quicker.

My boyfriend and I scouted the post race area and picked out a meeting spot.  Then we headed back to Welland for an early dinner.  I had made a reservation at Don Marco’s in Welland, a cozy, comforting Italian restaurant.  A delicious way to carb load before a long race!  I stuck to my pre-race rule of no alcohol, and had made sure that I drank lots of water and Gatorade throughout the day.  Time was ticking by and I was determined to get to bed early so we paid our bill and checked into an Air BnB that I had booked, a convenient 5 minute drive from the race starting point.

My first triathlon: REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 2018 Race Report

All my gear, ready to go!

I placed all the mandatory stickers on my gear and bags and sorted everything out before heading to bed.  This is a point to point race so there are three bags that you need to prepare: your black wetsuit bag, your red bike to run bag and your clear post race bag.  All the gear you will need before your race and anything that you will not be bringing on your bike will go in your black wetsuit bag.  Here is my final packing list for the whole weekend:

-swimsuit & cap for warm up swim
-bike pump
-Lamond road bike with clipless pedals ($50 from MEC), cadence sensor ($50 from MEC) aerobars, 2 x waterbottle cages on the frame and portable bike pump

The morning of:
-Sugoi trisuit purchased from Enduro Sport – $119 (on sale)
-Moving Comfort sports bra purchased from Enduro Sport – $30 (on sale).  The best sports bra I’ve ever owned!
-Garmin Vivoactive sports watch – $200 from Amazon
-yoga mat, stretch bands
-KT tape
-Body Glide
-a light jacket
-sports scandals
-race number tattoo, race bracelet & tracker
-Coconut water
-Gluten free english muffin with peanut butter
-Ginger tea
-Naked Protein powder, a banana, almond milk and my Magic Bullet to make a smoothie

Black Wetsuit Bag:
-Gatorade and a Honey Stinger gel for pre-swim nutrition
-wetsuit – rented from Enduro Sports in Toronto (4 days @ $50)
-my pink swim cap indicating my swim wave
-tinted goggles – purchased on Amazon
-back up goggles 
-dry wick towel 
-old towel for transition area
-bike helmet – nothing fancy – from MEC
-Pearl Uzumi spd bike shoes – $100 from MEC (on sale)
-Sugoi bike gloves – $30 from Sweet Pete’s (on sale)
-my trusty compression socks – purchased about 5 years ago for $100 at a race expo
-waterproof sunscreen, face sunblock stick, kleenex 
-shitty old sunglasses
-race belt with BIB, salt tabs, kleenex, Blisteraid, hand wipes, lip balm
-two frozen Gatorade bottles – one filled with water, one with coconut water
-3 packs of Cliff Bar gummies, 2 with caffeine
-salt tabs
-scotch tape to tape my gummies to my bike frame
-1 Cliff Bar broken up into pieces in a ziplock bag
-in my small bike bag under my seat packed: a glueless patch, spare tube, 3 x tire levers, torque multitool and Monkey Grease wipes
-I will be placing my face sunblock stick and Body glide in the side pockets of my trisuit

Red bike to run bag:
-my trusty Nike Pegasus running shoes
-small coconut water and Honey Stinger Waffle for a quick snack
-gels for my race belt
-IT running bands
-dry wick hat

Post Race Bag:
-race shirt
-loose track pants
-clean underwear
-body wipes
-cooling gel

I was in bed by 10:00PM and thankfully fell asleep almost immediately, waking up in a panic a few times to check the time, and falling back into a dreamless slumber.

To read about my race day, continue on to part two of my report from my first triathlon! >>

Training For My First Triathlon

Training For My First Triathlon: The REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3

While the main focus of my blog is food, travel and horror movies, I’ve recently decided to blog about my endurance races since I often travel for these adventures!  This year I’ve blogged about Why I Run and the Mississauga Marathon.  The following is the first post of a five part series: my training and race report from my first triathlon – the REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3!

I had been eyeing the REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3 race for a few years now.  While marathon training I came across the race after signing up for the Multisport Canada newsletter.  What I find humorous is that it never occurred to me that there were shorter triathlon options.  Nope, I had figured that this was what a triathlon was and it sounded pretty awesome!  So I jotted down “do a triathlon” on my list of New Year’s resolutions and kept an eye on the registration deadlines.

Unfortunately I was stuck in a bout of unemployment so I had to hold off on any unnecessary costs.

Months past.  The September 17th race day was now four months away.

I completed my 6th marathon at the the Mississauga Marathon in May, and had an interview the next morning.  Thankfully, I got the job and would now be biking to work. With the triathlon in mind, I started increasing my bike mileage a little bit each week.  I was a leisurely cyclist at best when I lived in the suburbs but after I moved downtown a year ago, I became a much more avid biker.

Now that I was employed, I could also afford to get a pass at the local community pool to brush up on my swimming.  Swimming is second nature for me and I feel perfectly at peace in the water.  What can I say, I’m a Scorpio – a water baby – at heart!  I grew up taking swimming lessons and continued onto the swim team in high school.  I had also left behind the pool in my condo when I moved downtown, so I hadn’t swam regularly in the past few years. Despite this, I was able to swim 2km no problem the first time I hit the water.

Summer flew by.  The day before the final registration deadline arrived.  On this particular day at work, we were told that our project was going on hiatus, for an indefinite length of time.  A normal person’s reaction might have been one of panic or anger, but nope, not me.  My boss and the CEO of the company looked at me bracing themselves for my reaction, and I merely replied “well I guess I will sign up for that half Ironman”.

Signing up for a half Ironman felt much different than signing up for a marathon. One lingers over that “confirm registration” button just a bit longer fighting off excuses and uncertainties.  But then that little voice in your head goes “ah to hell with it” and suddenly you’re signed up for your biggest challenge yet! 

Naturally, I panicked.

My biggest concern was the bike.  I knew that I could do it, but my current bike was a 7 year old urban hybrid and I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.  The weekend after I registered, I biked to 43n kilometres to Oakville, about half the distance of the triathlon.  My pace was OK but my legs felt pretty wobbly, and I realized the advantages of lighter, faster road bike.  As luck would have it, a few days later I got a flat tire riding back home at night from volleyball practice.

The next day, I was complaining to my boss about my bike, and she told me that her ex-boyfriend had been a serious cyclist and had worked at a cycling store.  She had a brand new road bike that she had only ridden a few times before they broke up.  She offered to lend it to me and I nearly cried with joy!  Suddenly I had been upgraded from a crusty, heavy bike to a beautiful, brand new, light as a feather road bike!  I knew nothing about road biking and suddenly I was swimming in questions in regards to clipless pedals, aerobars and cadence.  

Below is a photo of the first time I tested out my snazzy new road bike.  The bike was borderline too big for me, but I remembered having sizing problems when I bought my urban hybrid.  I have short legs and a long torso so I remember having to saw down the saddle pole, so we did the same for this bike.  The hoods were incorrectly placed on the stem, and I also ended up swapping out this stem for a slightly smaller one.  Once the stem was adjusted and the saddle was shifted all the way forward, the bike felt perfect and was way more comfortable than my old bike, which now felt small and awkward. 

Training For My First Triathlon: The REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3

Testing out my new road bike

With five weeks left I threw myself into training.  I became one with my road bike, read up on anything I could get my hands on about triathlons, and watched You Tube videos on tips for swimming and biking.  I also read Barrelman race reports from previous years and found videos on You Tube of race day . 

The difference between running and triathlons is that running can be a very solo, individual journey.  I had always trained on my own and saw my training time as a sort of private ritual. Triathlons felt like more of a community.  A fellow triathlete on the Barrelman Facebook group recommended the Women for Tri group and I found the support to be amazing and inspiring.  I reached out to friends who biked to go on long rides, and got to know the folk at my local bike shops who helped teach me bike maintenance 101.  For my first open water swim in a wetsuit, I signed up with the local triathlon club for a practice swim.  When I went to the cottage I asked my friends to canoe beside me so I could practice sighting while swimming across the lake.

Training For My First Triathlon: The REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3

Swimming across Haystack Bay to Gardner Island

Training was coming along well and every day, my confidence grew.  Swim, bike, run, swim, bike, run.  Because of my condensed training schedule, my only “rest” days were Wednesdays when I played volleyball.  Swim, bike, run. Swim, bike, run. Each week I increased my distance and twice a week I would do a full brick training trio so I could run through my transitions. 

My plan for fuel was an extension of my marathon nutritional routine.  I decided to stick with gels for the runs and chews for the bike.  I tried gels while biking and the goo went everywhere and I ended up with very sticky stems!  The road bike came with a small bento box which fit a gummy pack and a broken up Cliff Bar.  I planned to tape two gummy packs to my bike frame for easy assess.  Before the run I planned to drink some coconut water and have a Honey Stinger Waffle for a motivating treat.  I trained with water and coconut water since the race was not going to have Gatorade like all the other races I had run.  I would later learn that coconut water is evil, as you will read about later.

As luck would have it, I met a girl who had done a few Ironmans and was now coaching newbie triathletes.  She helped me shop for a trisuit, gave me race day tips, and not only gave me bike tips regarding clipless pedals and my cadence but also lent me her set of aerobars!  Some of the more important tips she gave me were to use salt tabs to help with hydration and as a break from all the sugary gels and drinks.  She also went through the steps I would go through at the start of race day. I learned to set up my transition area and to carve out my own space by laying out an old towel on the ground to place all my bike gear on.

Here I am trying on my first trisuit.  Before signing up I fully thought that on race day you changed right out in the open between sports, haha!  I went with a Sugoi sleeveless trisuit which was super comfy and in my price range.  The polka dots were a fun bonus!  I’m wearing a Moving Comfort adjustable bra underneat, one of the best sports bras I’ve ever owned!

Training For My First Triathlon: The REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3

Trying on my first trisuit at Enduro Sport

Now that I had my trisuit, I focused on the bike.  I went to Mountain Equipment Co-Op and bought the Garmin cadence meter, spd bike shoes and clipless pedals.

I was cramming a lot in a short amount of time, but I loved every minute.  Looking back I think the training kept me sane after the disappointment of going on unemployment again.

Two weeks before race day, I was at the cottage with some friends and was greatly enjoying the change of scenery.  Swimming in the open lake water was a welcome change of pace from the chlorine dosed waters of the community pool.  I was also trying out my aerobars for the first time and the quiet, winding country roads were an ideal place to test them out.  On the second day at the cottage, I received some unfortunate news. 

My Mom’s mental health had been declining for some time and my dad called to say that she had had a mental break.  She had started to physically abuse him and today he had called the police and she was taken away.  I had never heard my dad sound so shaken and to be far away from him during his time of need was hard to deal with.  Needless to say, I appreciated the time alone on my long bike rides and runs.

As soon as I could, I hopped on a plane to Ottawa.  My mom was in a mental health hospital now and seemed to be doing better.  I continued to train in Ottawa, finding a bike rental place nearby and thankfully there was even a YMCA with a clean, brightly lit pool across the street from my parent’s house.  I went for some beautiful long bike rides and runs along the canal and traveled out to some beaches and parks that I had never been to before. 

Every day I would train and then we would visit my mom, and this became the new norm.  I’m amazed how, with the exception of two marathons, disaster always seems to strike right before a race.  Almost like a final test before the big day.  But what doesn’t break you makes you stronger, and once again I was thankful to have my training as an outlet for the emotions I was feeling.

Training For My First Triathlon: The REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3

A quick selfie by Hog’s Back Falls, Ottawa during a 21 km training run

One evening while at the hospital I found out that I would definitely not be returning back to the project that was still on hiatus.  I was really sad because I loved the company and had barely begun the project.  However, I could not afford to turn down any job offers at this point and that evening I accepted a job at the same company I had been at a year ago.  I was happy to be back among friends and on a solid project.

My first day back at work was the day after the triathlon.

Training For My First Triathlon: The REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3

Beautiful bike ride by the Experimental Farm in Ottawa

With my mom in stable condition and less than a week before race day, I returned to Toronto, picked up all my stuff from my former job, picked up my wetsuit and packed for Niagara Falls.  The day before departure, I went to the park and practiced some yoga.  I wanted some time by myself to stretch out my muscles and calm my mind. 

The past 6 weeks had been a whirlwind of events and physically and mentally I was wired.  I felt sad that my parents would not be able to see me race, and I felt anxious about the race and the new job that I would start the following day.  As the sun set over the park and the city lights flickered on, I felt proud of all I had accomplished over the past 6 weeks.  I felt ready.  Focused.  Hungry.  I was going to kill this.

Next week >> my race report from my first triathlon: the REV3 Niagara Falls Barrelman 70.3!

Yurting In Prince Edward County

Yurt Camping in Prince Edward County

Is it too early to say, spring is here!  The weather has been particularly nutty this year, and Mother Nature could very well send another storm, but until then, yay SPRING!  I can’t really complain though, because we barely had any snow this year.  I went skiing twice and didn’t even touch my skates!  We tried to go snow shoeing in Prince Edward County, but as you will see, we were hard pressed to find snow.  Sand shoeing anyone?  Luckily, the County is a relaxing and fun little getaway no matter what the season and yurt camping in Prince Edward County made it even more of an adventure!

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Redley’s Retreat

So here I am in front of our Mongolian yurt.  How did we find said yurt?  Why Air BnB of course, haha!  I’ve gone winter camping before at McGregor Provincial Park, but provincial parks have limited availability and I missed the booking window this year.  We found Redley’s Retreat on Air BnB, a farm located in Milford, right smack in the middle of the County.  The retreat is run by a super nice, passionate fellow named Tom who is quite proud of his two Mongolian yurts. He even installed the concrete base himself!  

Our yurt had just enough space for two double beds, a small table, a few lounge chairs and a utilities drawer.  There were lots of blankets and a space heater to keep us warm and cozy, I loved it!  We shared a Port-O-Potty and an outdoor kitchen with the other yurt, which had all the basic utensils and a BBQ. Tom was awesome and brought us fresh coffee every morning, and on the first day we were treated to a huge breakfast, fit for a king!  He also dropped off some homemade wine, gave us some local tips and made sure we were well taken care of.  The showers were in his farmhouse, and I was very thankful for the clean, indoor shower.  Despite the warm weather an outdoor shower would have been chilly!

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Sandbanks Provincial Park

We woke up bright and early the next day and headed out to Sandbanks Provincial Park, about a thirty minute drive from Milford.  The weather was absolutely perfect, clear blue skies, warm sunshine, it felt like spring!  We really wanted to go snow shoeing but there was barely any snow.  I was determined however, so I “sand shoed” along the trails.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County, Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County, Sandbanks Provincial Park

The dunes in Sandbanks are otherworldly and are great fun to explore.  We hung out for awhile, snapping photos and munching on snacks while overlooking the icy Lake Ontario.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandbanks is one of the many things that I love about Prince Edward County.  Hiking along a peaceful trail and appreciating nature is so essential for my soul.  There’s nothing I love more than a day outdoors, taking photos and breathing in fresh air.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Sandbanks Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Sandbanks Provincial Park

After working up an appetite we headed out to Wellington and had lunch at the new Drake Devonshire restaurant.  I was curious to try this sister restaurant to the The Drake Hotel in Toronto and was immediately impressed by the space.  Located along the lake with white wooden panelled walls and large airy windows, I felt like we had stepped into a little sea side town.  I want to say it reminded me of the Hamptons, but I’ve never actually been so my observation is entirely based on Sex And The City.  Contemporary lighting and funky art added to the decor but the space was inviting and homey. 

Then, I ate the best reuben of my life.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - The Drake Devonshire Reuben

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – The Drake Devonshire – The Drake Reuben

A generous portion of smoked brisket packed between lightly toasted marble rye and oozing with sauerkraut, onions, Swiss cheese and local Cressy mustard, the Drake Reuben was outta-this-world.  The fries were fresh and crispy too.  But that reuben!  I must have you again!!

The service was also excellent and the view made for a lovely, relaxing lunch.  I noticed a patio and fire pit outside and thought how fun this place must be in the summer.  Two thumbs up!

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - The Drake Devonshire

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – The Drake Devonshire

After lunch it was time for some wine tasting!  We stayed close to Wellington and hit up Sandbanks, Norman Hardie and Hinterland.  I’ve been to Norman Hardie and Hinterland before, but our friends had never been and they are a must for a wine tour.  We would have gone to Rosehall Run as well but they closed at 5pm and we just missed them.  Sandbanks Winery was a new one for me and I have to say, was my favourite winery of the weekend.  I could have bought all the wines we tasted they were so good!  Their smooth-like-butter Chardonnay was a standout but we settled on a peppery Shiraz.  

While Norman Hardie is historically, an important winery to visit, I never end up buying anything from them.  Besides being quite pricey, all their wines have a very strong limestone taste that I just can’t get into.  Hinterland Wine Company on the other hand, is a small, unpretentious winery that specializes in delicious sparkling wines.  They also had a winter festival going on so we were treated to some oysters and beer tastings before picking up some tasty sparkling cider.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Redley’s Retreat

That evening, we headed back to the yurt and made a big steak dinner on the BBQ.  Tom built us a little fire and we roasted marshmellows under a clear starlit sky.  We passed out pretty early that night, not surprising after a long day of hiking and sipping wine!

The following day I had planned to hit up my favourite antique stores but all of them were closed for the season except for Dead People’s Stuff .  So, we just set out to do some more wine tasting.

We headed out east in the afternoon to Exultet Estates Winery that specializes in pinot noir, apple wine and apple port.  The apple port blew my mind – so unique!  We all ended up buying a bottle.  

I always need to get my cheese fix when I visit PEC, so we stopped by Black River Cheese which has THE BEST cheese, and an array of many years to choose from.  I picked up some 6 year old cheddar because apparently anything over 5 years is lactose-free, so my boyfriend can enjoy as well!

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Waupoos Winery

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Waupoos Winery

Waupoos Winery is also one of my favourites.  The cider tasting and restaurant were closed for the season, but there was still lots of delicious wine to taste and the beautiful property makes for a nice walk.  Should you visit in the summertime, be sure to make dinner reservations, the food is amazing and their cider is to die for.

We passed through the little town of Bloomfield which is much more lively in the summer.  Most of the cute shops were closed, including the popular ice cream parlour.  But we found a little cafe that was open for lunch, and we devoured some homemade soups and chilis at the Saylor House Cafe

We had just enough time to squeeze in some pinot noir wine tastings at Huff Estates Winery and some beer tastings at the newly opened Parsons Brewery Company.  My boyfriend picked up a bottle of their Devil’s Right Hand Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.  A rich, chocolatey brew that was balanced but also smooth and complex, I fully approved of his selection!

For our last meal in the County we had dinner at the Soup Opera in Wellington, another new addition.  An unassuming, quiet restaurant that offers up a small market during the day, we were really impressed with the generous portions and the mix of comfort food and higher end dishes.  We split some “mundoo” – homemade Korean pork dumplings – for an appetizer.  The ponzu and house kimchi made for a tasty bite.  For our mains, I had the duck leg confit with greens and fries that made my belly full and happy.  My boyfriend ordered the lamb shank with polenta and ratatouille and it was HUGE!  I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed my boyfriend being unable to finish a meal, but this lamb shank defeated him.  Fall-off-the-bone and swimming in rich ratatouille and polenta, he had the winning dish, hands down!

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Redley’s Retreat

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Redley's Retreat

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Redley’s Retreat

The next morning we packed up and said goodbye to Tom.  Before heading home we stopped by Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park

Located just north of Milford, the park is surrounded by a freshwater lake that is 62 metres above the Bay of Quinte.  The park is a nice stop over and the lookout makes for some picturesque panoramas.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park

We hung out for a bit, goofing around on the ice and taking selfies.  A very pretty spot!  I’d love to come back in the summer with a picnic lunch.

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County - Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park

Yurt Camping In Prince Edward County – Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park

Before hitting the road we had lunch in Picton at the County Canteen.  They brew their own beer so I wanted to check them out, bonus that they were open for brunch on a holiday!

As our wonderful weekend came to an end, I’m left once again dreaming of the day I can move to Prince Edward County, leave city life behind and own a little piece of this heaven.

Have you been to the County?  What are your favourite wineries and restaurants?  If you have any questions about yurt camping in Prince Edward County, let me know!