Welcome to my nightmare!  A delightfully dark realm full of tasty eats, ghoulish feats & pretty retreats!

My Story
From a very young age, my dream was to some day become a writer. I wrote constantly and have a bin full of dusty diaries underneath my bed as proof.  While I kept up my writing throughout high school, the macabre world of horror movies proved to be just as comforting an outlet for my angst ridden teenage soul, and inspired me to study film in my post secondary years.   In the meantime, my taste buds were growing.  My mother worked hard to give us a home cooked meal every night, but she didn’t have the patience to explore a wide variety of food, and I was rarely allowed to set foot in the kitchen.  When I moved out I embraced my     culinary freedom and began cooking like a mad scientist, experimenting with a new recipe every night.  As I began to travel the world, I truly began to appreciate how lucky I was to live in the multicultural city of Toronto.  My love for horror movies is still strong but my attention is now strongly divided between zombies and Gordon Ramsay.

A Blog Was Born
I was inspired to start this blog in 2009 after completing a food writing course at George Brown College, where I’m presently pursuing a certificate in culinary arts. Writing about food was a      revelation for me, as it allowed me to to tie together both of my passions.  I See Hungry People became a place for me to reflect on my travels and draw inspiration for new dishes so that after a long trip, I can curl up on my couch with a delicious meal and watch a Hellraiser marathon.

The Writing
This blog is organized into three categories: food, horror movies and travel, and you can browse through each of them by clicking the page on the top menu, or by category on the right side bar.  Along the top menu you will find recipes and restaurant reviews.  Under Recipes there are categories for specific projects, and while I include some reviews of recipes, my main focus is to create and test my own awesome recipes.  I love experimenting with healthy dishes and taking on baking projects.  Thematic & holiday food as well as outdoor cooking methods are my specialty.  Both the About Me and Horror menus contain some essays as well, I guess there is a small part of me that misses going to school!

The Photos
The Homepage features the best of my food and travel photos.  Sometimes I just like to take a look back at all the yummy dishes I have created and all the amazing places I have explored.  I hope you’ll enjoy the galleries as well!  Unless otherwise stated, all the photos on this blog were shot by me using a Nikon 7000 with a 18-55mm lens & 35mm lens. My travel photos are categorized by region under the Travel menu and I have spent many hours captioning and tweaking each photo.  I always aim to pull together the very best of each trip, telling my journey in the most interesting and concise way.

I See Hungry People
The focus of my blog is to tie together my three passions: travel, horror movies and food.  I always feel the most inspired after a trip – to write, to create, to cook.  After a long adventure, I love coming home, snuggling on the couch with my two fluffy cats and watching my favourite  horror movie.  The Dinner & A Movie page on the top menu pulls together the very best of I See Hungry People, featuring a food and movie pairing that was inspired by one of my travels.

Why I Blog
I hope that through my blog I will have the opportunity to meet other fellow bloggers who are part of this talented community.  However, I really aspire to connect with you, and other fellow travel, photography, horror movie and foodie fans!  So I invite you to come and hang out for awhile, search or sift through the archives (The Graveyard), comment and above all, sharing is appreciated!  I love receiving comments and messages, and I try to respond to as many as I can. But please do be respectful in regards to comments and copyright.  My work may not be          distributed, copied or displayed without my permission, and must always be attributed to me.

Thanks again for stopping by, may you haunt this site often!

Strangely yours,


Affiliate Disclosure
I See Hungry People works with several different affiliate sites. Some links in my post may direct you to a third party site where you have the option to purchase an item. Should you purchase this item, I may receive a small commission. Products that I link in my posts are ones that I recommend because I have used them myself, my opinions are my own and I’m not paid to endorse any product.

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18 thoughts on “ABOUT PAULA

  1. nolabelfreed

    I like the way you write.
    And about food,who doesn’t love that?So what”s your most favorite dish to cook?

    1. ptpotts

      hmmm…that’s hard…I love making sushi (though I usually snack on all the ingredients and am too full to actually eat the finished product). Barefoot Contessa has a great leek and lemon chicken pot pie and even though I hate Rachel Ray she has some great burger recipes. I would have to say though that I love making holiday dinners – I have it down to an art!

      1. Katie

        I can vouch for that…PPotts’ holiday cooking is legendary!!! I’m still dreaming about the leek caserole! mmm…..ok, hungry now 😉

      2. styleinspades

        Ah you can make sushi?! That’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

        I also agree with you about Rachel Ray… I don’t love her. Giada De Laurentiis on the other hand is awesome!

  2. Photon

    I just started college and am considering going into film. You seem to be able to pick up on elements in film most people would miss. May I ask what made the film program something that was “suffered through”?

    1. ptpotts

      Hey – I think its important to find a program that has good equipment and a good balance of theory and practical courses. The problems I had were: terrible equipment, too much time spent on film (no computers until the 4th year), no directing or cinematography until the last year and they were only 1/2 year courses, no contact with the screenwriters, so directors were shooting their own terrible scripts, badly planned courses (ie. we did postproduction before pre-production), and pretentious teachers.

  3. Sindy

    Fellow Yorkie and foodie here. Glad to have stumbled to your blog! Good luck on all your Food and Film ventures!!

  4. michelle

    You never cease to amaze me…with all your passion for life!!!
    Congrats…I love your blog…I’m actually gonna start one soon as well…
    Miss you!!

    XO M

  5. Nick Powell


    Nick from http://www.cinekatz.com here. Doing some scout work for the LAMB. We’re wanting to make an email newsletter for community features as well as a list we’re making similar to Sight & Sound’s best movies of all time list. Just need an email! Email me at npowe131 at gmail.com


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