2017 Blog Resolutions

2017 Blog Resolutions

2017 Blog Resolutions

New Year’s Day was a beautiful start to 2017, and I took advantage of the sunny, mild weather and went for an invigorating run through the park.  The golden rays shone through the tree branches, warming the ground and my face.  The city was so quiet and still.  I took this time to think about my 2017 blog resolutions. 

I have to admit; I love making resolutions.  My list tends to be long, with everything from health and mental goals to spiritual, career and hobby resolutions.  Many of these I know I will fulfill, while others are a lot more ambitious.  Some people don’t like to make New Year’s resolutions for fear of failure, but I always see them as an ongoing life list and yearly “check in”. 

For my 2017 blog goals, I’m aiming high!  I love pushing myself and as soon as I’ve accomplished one goal, I want to challenge myself with another.  That’s what keeps life interesting, don’t you think? 

2017 Blog Resolutions

2017 Blog Resolutions

I look back on my 2016 best nine on Instagram and I feel proud when I see all the hard work I put into these posts, but I also see room for improvement. The one thing I struggle with is my style.  I feel as though I’m so concentrated on properly lighting my food that I don’t think about style, and treat each photograph as it’s own entity, instead of looking at my body of work as a whole.  So that will be on my list for sure!

Here are my 2017 Blog Resolutions!

  2. Work on developing food photography style.  Look for ways to incorporate theme of blog into my style.
  3. Improve site appearance.  May need to hire proper web designer to do final tweaks.
  4. Review SEO for all old posts
  5. Build subscribers and improve monthly newsletter
  6. Write more “Dinner and A Movie” posts to better connect blog themes
  7. Continue to learn about social media analytics & trends
  8. Improve frequency of social media postings and continue to organically build followers in each community
  9. I would love to do a series of recipes that are inspired by my Japanese and British heritage
  10. Create an e-book
  11. Through affiliates or publisher network, it would be nice just to break even 🙂
  12. Make a logo
  13. Do I really need to do a You Tube channel?  I’ll see how Snapchat goes first…
  14. Pitch ideas for columns and articles to local magazines and blogs

I love blogging because it encompasses all of my passions and interests.  I like feeling accountable to continually produce high quality posts and also keeping my creative juices flowing is important to me.  I love connecting with people and trying to understand this crazy evolving beast that is social media.  There is a sense of community that makes you feel special to be part of this talented, inspiring club.  At the end of the year, even if I don’t fulfill all my 2017 blog resolutions, I’ll always remember why I started blogging in the first place.  With that in mind, I will leave you with two quotes for the New Year:

“If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart” – Buddha

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.  With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

What are you 2017 blog resolutions?  Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?  I love a good quote!


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