Ultimate Breakfast: Eggs with Lamb Fried in Bone Marrow

Fried eggs with tomatoes, lamb fried in bone marrow and PEC rye bread

Fried eggs with tomatoes, lamb fried in bone marrow and PEC rye bread

O.M.G.  What have I done?  How will I ever top this ULTIMATE breakfast?

The day started out like any other Saturday.  My boyfriend and I slept in, he claimed the bathroom, and I started making breakfast.  I hadn’t planned on anything special, but then I noticed the leftover roast lamb sitting in the fridge, and I thought “lamb for breakfast?  Is that too much?  Hell no!”.  But frying up some lamb in boring old olive oil didn’t seem too exciting, I knew I could take it to the next level.  Then I remembered all the tasty bone marrow sitting in a mason jar from the bone broth we’ve been regularly making.  Fry up the tender lamb in some rich bone marrow?  Now we’re talking!  There also happened to be some Prince Edward County rye bread that I picked up from Costco this past week, and since I’d gone this far, I added some fried tomato slices on the side.  Whoa!  Can you handle all this goodness?

My boyfriend was mightily impressed when he came down the stairs for breakfast and needless to say, this ultimate breakfast held us over until dinner time.

I am the breakfast master.

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