My Balcony Garden Project

When I was growing up, my parents had a vegetable garden behind our house and a flower bed out front.  I remember helping my dad here and there, but I never took an active interest in gardening.  My first condo didn’t have a balcony, and I was convinced my cats would eat any plants I might try to grow so for many years, my green thumb lay dormant.

I moved into my boyfriend’s condo last year and for the first time I had a balcony.  I never thought much of it until I went with my friend to the local garden center one day and decided to try growing some herbs.

My Balcony Garden

My Balcony Garden

I was proud of my little herb garden and found it so relaxing to be outside potting my plants. I checked on them obsessively every day, finding such satisfaction in watching them flourish and grow.

I became just as excited to go to the garden center as I was about grocery shopping.  I hit up garden centers, markets even a church plant sale in search of interesting plants to fill my balcony.  I kept an eye out for pretty plant pots and started thinking about the decor scheme of my little garden.  To add some different levels to my garden, I even took some old furniture and repainted them.  Every morning I would spend time out on the balcony, watering, pruning and harvesting my plants.  The plants and herbs grew and prospered, I was amazed at what I had grown.  I even grew some (tiny) strawberries!

This was my final balcony garden project:

My balcony garden project

My balcony garden project

My final garden line up:  ivy, Blazin’ Rose, Dusty Miller, strawberries, oregano, basil, mint, parsley, lemongrass, cilantro, Sedum Dragon’s Blood, Jurassics, Wizard mix, periwinkle and an aloe.

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