NYC – Exploring Long Island

After dinner in Manhatten I took the train to Long Island and though I’m generally very comfortable navigating around NYC, the construction at the train station threw me off and I ended up on an express train to Long Island!  My friend had to rescue me and thankfully I was only three stops from where I was supposed to get off. Oops!

That evening we went for a night out in Brooklyn, where my love for NYC truly lies.

"The Night Awaits" - Long Island, NYC

“The Night Awaits” – Long Island, NYC

"Spread The Love" - Brooklyn, NYC

“Spread The Love” – Brooklyn, NYC

The next few days I spent exploring Long Island, and while very suburban I still found had plenty of character.  A big, sprawling burrow with big box stores and shopping malls, the quiet neighbourhoods were lined with beautiful, charming houses – not the mansion like monstrosities that have taken over my hometown city but unique, sometimes fancy, sometimes cozy homes.  We took my friend’s kid to a small, local fair that had clothes, jewelry, craft and food stands and even a small animal farm.  While my friend took her kid for a ride on a mini pony, I poked my nose around the food stalls to see what looked interesting to eat.

"Time for a Ride?" - Long Island, NYC

“Time for a Ride?” – Long Island, NYC

I tried a cod fritter for the first time and ohmygod it was yummy!  The batter was crispy and bit spicy and the cod inside was sweet and juicy – ohhh yeah I could have had seconds, thirds – a whole handful for sure!  But – I wanted to see what else l could sample.

Cod Fritter - Long Island, NYC

Cod Fritter – Long Island, NYC

I also ate coco bread for the first time.  Another ohmygod moment – how have I never had coco bread?!  This sweet and fluffy bun complimented the spicy jerk chicken perfectly.  I need more coco bread in my life, period.

Jerk Chicken & Coco Bread - Long Island, NYC

Jerk Chicken & Coco Bread – Long Island, NYC

On my last day in NYC my friend took me down to Baldwin Bay, which reminded me of a quieter South Street Seaport.  We spend the afternoon strolling along the waterfront on this beautiful but chilly spring day.

Baldwin Bay - Long Island, NYC

Baldwin Bay – Long Island, NYC

Finally, no trip to NYC is complete until we have our Swiss Chalet dinner.  Back when we were students my friend and I would always order the infamous Canadian go-to comfort food – rotisserie chicken from Swiss Chalet.  So, whenever I visit her I stock up on packets of instant Chalet sauce and chicken marinade that can only be found in Canada – a nice little reminder of home.

A Homemade Swiss Chalet Dinner - Long Island, NYC

A Homemade Swiss Chalet Dinner – Long Island, NYC

I’m always so sad when I say goodbye to my friend.  I love how easily we reconnect after all these years but it’s still hard to leave, especially after such an awesome trip.  Until next time NYC!

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