Oscar Night 2015

There was a solid line up of nominations this year.  From the beautiful and moving performance by Eddie Radmayne in “The Theory of Everything” to the seamless filmmaking achievement of “Boyhood”, to the intense passion that lashed out of “Whiplash”,  I thoroughly enjoyed my annual Oscar movie marathon.  In keeping with tradition I served thematic food for my Oscar party, and had some really fun dishes this year!  The only film not featured below is Birdman.  While I thought it was a decent though shamelessly pretentious film, I was quite peeved that it won Best Picture, and refused to bake the chicken wings in retaliation.  You win some, you lose some.

_DSC0417 _DSC0415 _DSC0414 _DSC0411 _DSC0409 _DSC0419 _DSC0421

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