Killbear 2012

For our annual camping trip, we returned to Killbear Provincial Park.  I felt there was more to discover here, I felt the need to go back.  I find it can be challenging to shoot new and interesting photos when returning to the same place, and although the adventure is always different, it’s so easy to fall back into the habitual shots of trees, sky and water.  So I took a closer look, I took a step back and breathed in the fresh air, and really thought about how to capture the beauty of Ontario.

"Fractured Unity"

“Fractured Unity”



"Emerald Possibilities"

“Emerald Possibilities”

"Himalayan Ice"

“Himalayan Ice”

"Stance" - Georgian Bay

“Stance” – Georgian Bay

"Innocent Flickers"

“Innocent Flickers”

"The Warmth"

“The Warmth”

"Cherry Bomb"

“Cherry Bomb”

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay

"Crystal Shadows"

“Crystal Shadows”

"Golden Stitches"

“Golden Stitches”

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